Jean Leloup surprised everyone with a performance during the 30th SOCAN Awards Gala, on Sept. 22, 2019, at La Tohu in Montréal. He was there to receive his first three SOCAN Classic Awards, alongside his co-writers and publishers, for his massive hits “1990,” “Isabelle,” and “Cookie,” all drawn from his album L’Amour est sans pitié. SOCAN met with him afterwards, and  asked how he felt about celebrating some of his older songs, how his songwriting has evolved since then, and how it feels to know that one’s songs are now a part of the lives of so many people.

No one was surprised that singer-songwriter Hubert Lenoir’s “Fille de personne II” won a Popular Music Award during the 30th SOCAN Awards Gala in Montréal, on Sept. 22 at La Tohu. The song, the second part of a trilogy on his album Darlène literally sparked the flame that burns ever higher between he and his always-increasing audience. SOCAN met him as he left the stage,  and Lenoir discusses the origin of that song; and the sometimes harsh reactions he received after he sang it live on La Voix; and the creative freedom and confidence he gained from his popular success.

Singer-songwriter Diane Juster won everyone’s heart in Québec in 1979 with “Je ne suis qu’une chanson,” a powerful, touching ballad sung by the great Ginette Reno – who made the song hers like no one else could. Winner of the Song of the Year ADISQ Award that year, the song was a gigantic hit, as was the album of the same name, which sold more than 350,000 in a little over a year. “Je ne suis qu’une chanson” received the Cultural Impact Award at the 30th SOCAN Awards Gala on Sept. 22 at La Tohu in Montréal. Eric Parazelli, Editor of the SOCAN online magazine Paroles & Musique, met with Reno on the red carpet as she was preparing to honour Juster, where she told us about the impact of this tremendous song on her career.