From the virtual backstage of the 50th JUNO Awards in 2021, SOCAN spoke with Louis-Jean Cormier, winner of the Francophone Album of the Year award. As this is his third JUNO, we asked him what this recognition from English-speaking Canada means to him. We also talked about the impact of the pandemic on his creative process.

Folk Music Canada (FMC) has released nine original songs as part of the International Collaboration Recording Export Program. From a call for submissions, FMC selected nine Canadian folk musicians and partnered them with nine international folk artists/bands from Australia, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Iceland, and Sweden – helping the Canadians to grow their international presence and networks during a time when touring isn’t possible.

“We understand the impact this time has had on creation and the live showcase model,” says the Executive Director for FMC, Karrnnel Sawitsky. “This project has fostered a meaningful connection from across the globe; allowing for remote creations between artists with distinct perspectives and styles.”

All participants were financially compensated, with all production and promotion costs covered. The collaborative recordings will be promoted on a global scale, as a means of exporting Canadian folk artists, and to celebrate the importance, diversity, and cultural value of folk music in Canada.

The full list of pairings and song titles is:

  • “Breaking Point” by Aerialists (Canada) + Långbacka/Bådagård (Sweden)
  • “I’ve Been Gone” by Amanda Rheaume (Canada) + Monique Clare (Australia)
  • “Here With You” by Cécile Doo-Kingué (Canada) + Beckah Amani (Australia)
  • “Hope & Fortune” by Irish Mythen (Canada) + Svavar Knútur (Iceland)
  • “Sons & Daughters” by Jenn Grant (Canada) + Ash Bell and Sara Tindley (Australia)
  • “I Remember by Leith Ross” (Canada) + Ida Wenøe (Denmark)
  • “Ovddos / Hivumuuniq” by PIQSIQ (Canada) + VILDA (Finland)
  • “Fall Awake” by The Once (Canada) + Jack Carty (Australia)
  • “Bright New World” by The Small Glories (Canada) + Darling West (Norway)

All songs are released today and available on FMC website and through all streaming platforms. Folk Music Canada acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Government of Canada.

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